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Lynn Kloecker

Executive Coach & Mentor, qualified psychologist


0049 177 8677806


Oppenhofallee 143

52066 Aachen

Residence: Belgium

Lynn in words

Process optimization succeeds when we intensively integrate your employees into the change process so that you can be part of the change and optimization. 

What characteristics do employees and managers need to have for a successful change process?

Economic success is defined by appreciation.


Appreciation and value creation are fundamental factors for sustainable corporate success. This involves more than just an employee interview between the two of you. To do this, several senses must be activated, such as active listening, sensing a mood... This can be a first step for many employees to realize that they are being taken seriously.

Humans are creatures of habits. How can a personal change process succeed?

I love communication on a wide variety of levels, I like to deal with people's different perspectives and change them for the better using sensible methods. Whether young or old, change is never easy and requires individual support.


My intensive advice, direct collaboration with people, face to face and confrontation improve the understanding of how to sustainably change existing processes for clients.


Optimizing processes, the basics of every consultant, also requires managers to be willing to change. So let’s discuss Sustainable Development Goals.


We talk about the biggest challenges in change management; This is where I start, this is one of my levers. If structured leadership is not present, every change is doomed to failure!


Three years of professional experience with many small steps in implementation give me security and experience. I am self-taught, constant learning is a passion for me, standing still and doing nothing is boring...


Analytical thinking, taking your time, shaping the other person individually; my client must feel absolutely comfortable with my advice; because only then will he open up to me and work with me.


A nice and trusting atmosphere is what I like to pass on. I work independently in a team in workshops and reflect on what has happened in discussions with my team members in order to better shape the future.

I look after your employees in three shifts, intensively and individually.

I come to you as a certified psychologist with a degree from the Université de Liège, 2020

I speak fluent German, French, English, Dutch and Spanish and can exchange ideas perfectly with your employees, especially in French.

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