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Value-based maintenance

Value-oriented maintenance is a strategic contribution to profitable business value creation

(Ensuring system availability, exploiting liquidity potential, e.g. by optimizing your spare parts stock).

Efficient maintenance and asset management can be particularly important for complex processes directly and indirectly influence production costs by up to 60% and lower.


This one is for your business a crucial competitive factor.

The focus is on optimizing the operating result (Overall system effectiveness, maintenance performance/costs) and the capital requirement for tied business assets (fixed and current assets).

Maintenance processes are a central value driver for company success!

Maintenance is a competent partner in the company with objectively measurable success.

Significant factors are indirect costs, which are caused by technical production failures.

The more extensive your systems and your production are, the higher the maintenance costs are

You will certainly use capital-intensive production facilities.


When it comes to manufacturing costs, your personnel cost share is (usually) significantly lower.

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