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Operational excellence

Our approach & service

Licht auf der Treppe

Our approach for sustainable implementation with three parallel optimizations:


  1. Process improvement

  2. Employee coaching

  3. Generate measurability

our general service to you

Eleganter abstrakter Hintergrund


Professional optimization across the entire value chain

We optimize from incoming goods to outgoing goods

Your logistical routes, the optimization of your intralogistics from inbound to outbound

Inventory reduction including securing the safety stock in the stock

Shop floor management (visualization, 6S, key figure landscape, Lean, Six Sigma)

Securing the control cascade of all escalation levels


Restructuring / Headhunting & Recruiting

Restructuring of your company, reorganization of management levels.

Not only do we provide you with new managers, we also take care of the entire recruiting process for you.


In this way, we relieve your HR department and, more importantly, your technical experts, whose job it is to ensure your production.

We won't leave you alone in your search for suitable specialists along the entire value chain


Change management
the integration of your employees into the optimization

Many optimizations and changes in the company fail due to sustainability. Your employees were not integrated or only partially integrated. They are the ones who will shape this change and actively live it.

This is our advice to take everyone with us, to coach and develop your managers

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